24/7 Deliveries

The specific and constant needs of this leader in the food sector require a reactive service due to their needs for regular, last-minute deliveries, 24/7. Synergie is responsible for planning and coordinating all deliveries, in addition to pick-ups in every location. Present in stores as well as in businesses, requests for a regular delivery scheduling across the country require increased knowledge of the specifics, in addition to having to plan urgent shipment requests instantly.   

  • Deliveries according to specific times, depending on store orders
  • Restricted deliveries (e.g. synchronize small truck appointments as several locations are limited in space for 53-ft truck deliveries)
  • Recovering recyclable capsules
  • Respond quickly to urgent, last-minute and special requests (e.g. pick up, palletize and deliver boxes directly in store)

"Synergie allows us to transport our coffee, machinery and accessories from our warehouses to our customers and our shops. We also use their services to transport our capsules between our various recycling sites, as well as to transfer our goods between our four warehouses. The service offered by Synergie is reliable and the follow-ups are fast and efficient. Prices are more than adequate and competitive. Since partnering with Synergie, we have improved several aspects of our transport logistics."