Here are solutions to some of the most common questions. For any other questions about our customized logistics services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Is my merchandise insured during transportation?

In Canada, and for any expedition leaving Canada, according to chapter T-12, r. 6 ‘Règlement sur les exigences applicables aux connaissements Loi sur les transports’, the carrier’s maximum responsibility is of $4.41/kg ($2/lb) according to cargo’s total weight, unless a greater valor has been declared on the Bill of Lading (BOL), under the “Declared Value” cell. For all your expeditions, no matter where they need to be shipped, we may offer Full-value cargo protection. Additional charges apply.

How long is a quote valid for?

Synergie Canada quotes are valid for 15 working days, unless stated otherwise. We can also provide a specific price list for longer term shipments.

Price quotation: what affects your cost

When asking for a quote, a few elements can influence the transportation cost, such as pickup or delivery address, type of merchandise, type of wrapping, transit time, and type of service required. The more information we get, the more accurate your quote will be. The minimum information required for a price quote is:

  1. Pickup location: City, Province or State.
  2. Delivery location: City, Province or State.
  3. Approximate number of pieces/material/boxes or linear space required.
  4. Size and gross weight.
  5. Transit time required.
  6. Type of equipment required (for example, a reefer, flat bed or dry van).

What documents are needed to dispatch goods?

To send goods throughout Canada, you will need a valid bill of lading and a complete packing list. A sales invoice is always required if you are sending goods abroad. Some countries may require extra information (for example, a phytosanitary certificate).

How much in advance do I need to place my order and how much space will I need?

We recommend you place your order between 18 to 48 hours in advance. We also offer various fast-track services for urgent and last-minute shipments. Regarding the required space, our experts will assist you.