Over the past decade, Synergie Canada has evolved from a traditional OTR transport company to a multi level and global logistics partner.
Furthermore, this evolution has taken place all across North America as well as abroad, with our network now extending over hundreds of strategic points on five continents, offering dynamic and efficient positioning and support.

Today, Synergie Canada has created hundreds of jobs in several Canadian and international communities. Every month, our teams of experts successfully complete thousands of logistics projects, all while maintaining efficiency ratios that are among the highest in the industry.

Synergie Canada occupies a leading position in the Canadian logistics/supply chain market, with sustained annual growth of 30 to 40%. We have developed customized solutions for the retail aerospace, food and beverages, machinery, and advanced technology industries, to name just a few.

Major investments in our operations systems, interactive web technology platform and marketing initiatives have put Synergie Canada at the forefront of the logistics market. The key to the company’s success remains our high standards of customer service, ease of access to information and competitive service.

Groupe Synergie Xpress is created
Opening of storage warehouse in Tennessee, USA
Ocean and Air Divisions
Liquid Bulk Logistics Division
New Blainville terminal with an additional 20,000 sq.ft. & new office in Quebec City
Le Groupe Synergie Xpress becomes Synergie Canada
Research & Development Division
New office near Montreal International Airport & creation of Mexico Division


Synergie Canada is a member of various associations and organizations, both in Canada and around the world.


We are dedicated to providing clients with logistics services that completely correspond and meet their needs. As such, we offer entire management of their supply chain worldwide and provide complete peace of mind.

Synergie Canada ensures the entire planning of multi-level logistics, from negotiation to delivery. Our strength is reflected by our worldwide planning and supply chain management.

We deliver your merchandise through a flexible, customized and high-quality service. Our strength is in complex supply chain management.


We encourage openness, transparency and inclusion for healthy and rewarding working relationships.

We aspire to a creative, innovative and enriching process in terms of logistics solutions. 

To make the impossible possible, by pushing the limits and going further logistically.

We create the necessary space for pleasure and work on a daily basis by celebrating each and everyone's personality. 

We propel proud and committed brand ambassadors to build a strong and felt community spirit. 

We are passionate and determined to surpass ourselves and deliver outstanding results where everyone wins. 

Learn and discover your business Understand your business and master its underlines, discover opportunities.
Define your needs Target and set expectations, identify your goals.
Design tailored solutions Create adequate and innovative solutions best suited to help you stand out.
Deploy and support Integrate tailored solutions and accompany your teams through the entire process.
Commit to a long-term partnership Develop a long-term partnership based on trust and transparency.


Teamwork and dedication is what best describes Synergie Canada. We are passionate and determined to surpass ourselves and deliver outstanding results where everyone wins. We encourage openness, transparency and inclusion for healthy and rewarding working relationships. Let’s connect. 

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Marc-André Guindon
Sébastien Suicco
Vice President
Carl Larivière
Chief Financial Officer
Jay Sakr
Vice President International Division
Annie Dauphinais
Vice President, OTR Division
Eric Benoît
Director of Technology & Innovation
Édith Proulx