Employee Profile - Arminder Singh, Operations Team Lead / OTR Division

Arminder Singh

Synergie member since April 2018, Arminder Singh is Operations Team Lead in the OTR Division (Over-the-Road). A fast pace environment in which you need to constantly adapt.

Q: Progress in the company - first position to Team Lead.

A: I started at Synergie Canada as a Logistic Coordinator. I did tracing, customer service, pricing and dispatch, to later become Team Lead.

Q: Role description: responsibilities, challenges.

A: One of my roles is to guide the team members throughout the challenges they get and help them find solutions. It is also important to maintain a good business relationship with our Carrier partners. I always make sure that no one is overwhelmed with the workload and I try to help out by redistributing tasks. It is also important to make sure that we don't miss anything on customers requests.

Q: Tell us about the world of logistics for a transportation company in three words.

A: Challenges, Negotiations and Solutions

Q: Sum up Synergie, what the company means to you.

A: Friends and colleagues that share my passion of the transport industry. Synergie is people that you can count and trust on.

Q: What you want to see for the future of Synergie, and for yours.

A: Synergie is growing very fast with people that care for each other and work as a team. My wish is that during this growth we can preserve this family culture.