Employee Profile - Guillaume Favreau, R&D Director

A Synergie member since March 2010, Guillaume is Director of Research and Development, Pricing and Special Projects. A key role for the company, which requires a mastery and in-depth knowledge of the setbacks of the logistics world. Interview with Guillaume Favreau.

Q: Progress in the company - first position to that of R & D Director.

A: My first position before being R & D Director at Synergie Canada when I started in 2010 was a multi-disciplinary position, the company being in its beginnings: I was acting as a dispatcher/ pricing/ customer service agent. From start to finish, the position has evolved with the growing needs of the company as well as the needs of customers in different markets. About four years ago, the position of R & D Director, as well as the research and development division, were created to oversee large-scale and special projects.

Q: Role description: responsibilities, challenges.

A: One of the major advantages of my role as R & D Director is that I get to cover many aspects in the field and I work with the various divisions of the company. I have to develop and implement solutions by working with the different departments. Whether at the operational or development level, I make sure that the solutions developed are well integrated. I also give a lot of training thanks to the experience I have gained to date. Having held several seats since the very beginning of Synergie allows me to pass on my knowledge to the different teams. In terms of challenges, it’s an everyday thing! The days are never the same, the important thing is to adapt and integrate the solutions we develop for the different projects so that they last over time.

Q:Tell us about the world of logistics in three words.

A:  The world of logistics for me in 3 words is:

  •         Understanding
  •         Solutions
  •         Action

Q: Sum up Synergie, what the company means to you. 10 years for the same company is not nothing.

A:  Synergie has helped me evolve, both professionally and personally. I grew up with the company and it is very close to my heart. I literally have Synergie tattooed on the heart. Synergie is part of my daily life. I continue to grow and gain knowledge and it keeps me motivated.

Q: What you want to see for the future of Synergie, and for yours.

A: A future in symbiosis. I want to continue to evolve with the company and the wonderful teams that are part of it. There is a lot of talent at Synergie, and I want to continue to be a part of it. In short, a lot of success for the company and be a part of it as long as possible.  We will continue to push the limits!