Employee Profile - Michelle Lalande, Assistant Financial Controller, Accounts Payable

Synergie member since November 2014, Michelle Lalande is Assistant Financial Controller, Accounts Payable. Michelle has been working in the field of Logistics for over 7 years.

Q: Progress in the company.

A: I started at Synergie as an intern in the Accounting Department. Subsequently, I was offered an account payable position. After about 8 months with the company a position opened up and was offered to me. I accepted the Assistant Controller position without hesitation. Since then, the Accounting Team has only grown. I am now Assistant Controller and leader of a fantastic team made up of several accounts payable members.

Q: Role description: responsibilities, challenges.

A: My role is to train new staff. To be a resource person with the team and to be the liaison between the different departments regarding accounts payable. I provide continuous improvement in working methods as well as support to adjust to new demands and / or the new IT platform. I assist the controller with month-end and year-end tasks and actively participate in the preparation of the weekly budget.

Q: Tell us about being in the Finance Department for a transportation logistics company in three words.

A: Analysis, priority, solution.

Q: Sum up Synergie, what the company means to you.

A: Synergie represents for me the family where the well-being of each one is important. Flexibility, autonomy and openness are just some of the values ​​found at Synergie. It's a united Team whose objective is to achieve the established goals.

Q: What you want to see for the future of Synergie, and for yours.

A: Synergie is constantly evolving and growing. I am proud to be able to be part of the Team and grow both professionally and personally with them. I hope that what has been achieved so far will continue and increase just as much.

Michelle Lalande