Global Supply Chains: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

On December 3rd, the CORIM (Conseil des relations internationales de Montréal) offered a panel on supply chains with the following guests: Vice-president, Supply Management at Kruger, Cetteo Alvaro, the Vice-President, OTR Division at Synergie Canada, Annie Dauphinais and the president and CEO of Logistik Unicorp, Louis Bibeau.

To review the discussion, here is the recording (in French only) :

Thank you and congratulations to our Vice President of the OTR Division, Annie Dauphinais, for her professionalism and expertise during the event. During the panel, Ms. Dauphinais stressed that "our biggest enemy right now is fear of the new, the status quo should not be an option." Synergie Canada is proud to stay on top of and be proactive about changes that impact our industry.

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