Hvac international expeditions

A high scale manufacturer of heavy machinery had to put in place a distribution system of oversized merchandise in the US, Mexico and in the Middle East. These high value expeditions required expert manipulation as well as a customs clearance regulation specialist, certain parts being considered as hazardous material in some jurisdictions. Most final destinations being large scale sites, specific needs on delivery timing, on security levels and coordination with other deliveries had to be respected (hospitals, government properties, arenas, etc.). Synergie Canada's solution took in consideration an additional element; merchandise travels most of the time as partial loads for pricing purposes, despite the oversized merchandise, which is typically impossible. Having access to high scale volumes, our team was able to save costs, increasing the manufacturer's quote numbers due to increased competitiveness.

  • Delivery delays were respected for project cargo during more delicate situations
  • Short and long term storage possibilities for oversized merchandise and lifting capacity required for transfers
  • Heat wrap machinery to reduce damages and secure the units for long term storage
  • New savings method created
  • Efficiency improvement and client satisfaction- more than 6,000 expeditions with a 99% success rate
  • Fleet management and local transits required for large scale production