Sustainable freight forwarding: Synergie Canada's green commitment

In an era where environmental responsibility is increasingly vital for businesses, Synergie Canada is proud to stand at the leading edge of the freight forwarding industry, providing innovative solutions to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of diverse shipments.

At Synergie Canada, we understand the unique challenges posed by shipments ranging from food to retail, bulk to dangerous goods. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to provide tailored solutions for trucking, ocean, rail, and air shipments, ensuring that each mode of transportation aligns seamlessly with our dedication to environmental excellence.

We are pleased to offer our clients with tools for assessing and managing carbon emissions. Operating within Quebec, we align seamlessly with the heightened environmental concerns in the region, making sustainability a core value for businesses of all sizes.
As we move towards a future where the government demands carbon evaluations, Synergie Canada proudly takes a proactive stance in demonstrating our commitment to sustainability. This not only ensures compliance with upcoming regulations but also positions us as forward-thinking industry leaders, contributing to a greener future.

In contrast to relying on rudimentary Excel estimates, we are dedicated to providing accurate carbon footprint calculations. By breaking down emissions for each transportation leg, even in multimodal shipments, we showcase our commitment to precision in measuring our environmental impact.

Synergie Canada, your trusted logistics partner, underscores the importance of choosing a freight forwarding company that provides tools to its customers to enhance eco-friendliness. Our commitment to offering environmentally sustainable solutions not only ensures compliance but also contributes to a more proactive and positive future in the freight forwarding industry.