Synergie New visual identity

Synergie Canada today: a company that builds on its members and their potential to grow in a dynamic environment where challenges are a source of motivation and success. A company that attaches great importance to a human approach and identifies itself around the same value.

For the development of our brand image, it was essential to set up a bold visual universe, while establishing itself judiciously in our field of activity that tends to be a little more conservative. To do this, a color palette that mixed visual impact and maturity of the brand were used in order to stand out from the competition and announce in force the arrival of a new Synergie.

That's why several editorial phrases and slogans were used in the brand platform, in order to rally the troops around the same value: 1+1=3. This is the genesis of this visual identity, bringing together several elements to form an even more solid and effective whole.

On part of Team Synergie, thank you! Your trust and partnership pushes us to go beyond the limits of what is possible.