Webinar: The impact of the news on the logistics industry

On April 20, we opened our first webinar on the topic: The impact of the news on the logistics industry. We opened a space for discussion on how the last two years have been experienced and how the pandemic has impacted the market in different ways. Our specialists gave an overview of the different events and their impact on the transport sector in general. Our guests for this event were Claudia Corbeil, Import Team Leader, Marine Division, Karen Mercier, Senior Account Manager, Marie-Christine Parisé, Logistics Coordinator, Trucking Division, and Stéphane Don Vice President Sales, all members of our company.

If you want to see the video of the Webinar you can access this link 

On June 22, we will continue to create spaces for conversation and we will continue with our second webinar in English: The Impact of Current Challenges in the Logistics Industry in which we will talk to our panelists about the challenges we are facing and that you are facing, what are the recommendations to consider at this time to address these challenges and what are the trends, the long term perspectives.

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