China Faces New Lockdowns

Another Covid wave has hit China during the last few weeks, forcing new lockdown restrictions in many ports and factories across the country. Although the government still enforces its zero-Covid policy, the impact on the supply chain due to the strict Chinese restrictions is lesser than during the earlier Covid waves, because only targeted neighbourhoods are put into lockdown, instead of entire cities, as it was previously the case. Plus, quarantine time has been cut back, allowing people to get back to work faster. That being said, lockdowns are still happening and restrictions remain severe although their timespan has overall shortened. 

It goes without saying that these lockdowns and their level of uncertainty have a direct impact on the supply chain, whether it is due factories shutting down for indefinite periods or to restrictions on port activities. This then creates shipment bottlenecks that can have consequences on the supply chain for weeks, and that is why we encourage our clients to plan their shipments in advance, to avoid as much as possible having to find last-minute solutions in times of high demand.

Here are a few tips on how to navigate through these uncertain times. 

  1. Plan ahead. If possible, planning ahead is without a doubt your joker card. When organizing and booking your shipments in advance, you might benefit from preferential rates in addition to securing your timeline and a place on a ship. This will minimize the chances of unpleasant surprises while ensuring you meet deadlines. 
  2. Have a plan B. As we’ve seen, nothing is ever set in stone, so be ready to change up your logistics by planning alternate solutions. You might not need them, but those already prepared alternatives will allow for a quick and efficient turnaround if a critical situation arises.
  3. Stay up to date. Once your shipment is booked, keep yourself updated by reading or watching the news to be aware of anything that might disrupt the supply chain so you can react quickly if needed.

Monitoring international news and planning alternate logistic solutions to ensure your shipment a seamless experience is a lot. That is why we are here. 

At Synergie, we excel in tailor-made logistics through partnerships. Our team works jointly with the world’s biggest shipping lines to offer reliable and high-quality transport service, while bringing cost efficient solutions. 

We are in constant contact with shipping companies worldwide, which allows us to closely follow the virus trajectory and make informed decisions to prevent any delays in the supply chain. 

We are here to help. Benefit from our expertise and precious overseas contacts, and minimize your shipment costs and delays today. 

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