Employee Profile - Claudia Corbeil, Import Team Lead / Ocean Division

Claudia Corbeil

Synergie member since June 2014,  Claudia is Import Team Lead / Ocean Division. With ten members in her Team, Claudia manages all operations and completes hundreds of projects monthly.

Q: Progress in the company - first position to that of Team Lead.

A: I did my internship in the International Division when I was finishing my Transport Logistics Technique. When I was hired, I was assigned to a position in the OTR (Over-the-Road) division as a customer service agent given the bigger volume in the department and was there for two years. After a stint in pricing and inside sales, still in the OTR division, I returned to the Ocean department in the international division, where I am now.

Q: Role description: responsibilities, challenges.

A: It is a challenging role. In the transportation industry, we often face problematic and challenging situations. We owe it to ourselves to be patient, creative and resourceful in order to find the best possible solutions to accommodate our customers. We have an ever-increasing volume, the whole team is working very hard, so it's important to find ways to keep the team happy and motivated. It is essential to listen to my colleagues, answer their questions and provide them with the necessary assistance and tools. Our biggest challenge is time, we always run out of time! We're constantly finding ways to facilitate operations in order to make everything more efficient.

Q: Tell us about the world of ocean import for a transportation company in three words.

A: Challenge, Quickness, Precision

Q: What doe the company mean to you? 7 years is pretty significative.

A: For me, Synergie is really like a 2nd family. We spend almost more time in the office with our colleagues than at home. We have a tight-knit team that supports each other in the best and the worst! Synergie is a young, growing company full of challenges and opportunities.

Q: What you want to see for the future of Synergie, and for yours.

A: I am confident in the success of this company, the team is constantly growing as well as the volume. I hope that the increase in volume can create a wide range of opportunities for employees. It would be the greatest accomplishment for me to see members of my current team move up the ladder in the company in the near future.