Employee Profile - Karen Mercier, Senior Account Manager

Synergie member since February 2015, Karen is Account Manager and covers the Quebec region. With more than 20 years of experience in the logistics industry, she was able to build an interesting portfolio for the company. Interview with Karen Mercier.

Q: Progress in the company - first position to that of Controller.

A: I was hired by Synergie Canada as a controller. I assisted Sébastien in the management of international transport. At that time, there were only 2 of us in the department. I stayed 6 months in this position in Blainville and due to certain circumstances, I returned to Quebec City, my hometown. We agreed that I was going to take a position as a Junior Salesman and see the possibility of working remotely and be responsible of the development of the Quebec City region. I had at that time the task of finding new customers, take charge of the transport operations, invoicing, etc. After a year, we hired our first employee for the Quebec City office that I managed for about 2 years. Following the departure of a key employee, we took the decision to close the office and transfer operations to Montreal. I then took the position of full-time Senior Account Manager that I have been ever since.

Q: Role description: responsibilities, challenges.

A: As Senior Account Manager, I am first responsible for business development for Synergie Canada and maintaining a good customer relationship that I have established over the years. I negotiate several international transportation agreements and assist operations as best I can in understanding customer challenges and resolving problems encountered. I help junior Account Managers as best I can and if the need arises, I am available to train them and help them in prospects client meetings.

Q:Tell us about the world of accounting for a transportation company in three words.

A: Quickness, Confidence, Know-how

Q: Sum up Synergie, what the company means to you. 10 years for the same company is not nothing.

A: Synergie is a big family for me. People who care about my well-being and who are fully aware of my reality as a single mother who works full time from home. The company is doing a great job on work-family balance. It gives me the desire to work harder for its success and therefore, my success. I am well, happy and fulfilled with my great Synergie Family!