Employee Profile - Patrick Robitaille, Team Lead Pricing, OTR Division

Synergie member since September 2018, Patrick Robitaille is Team Lead Pricing - OTR Division. His discipline and determination have greatly contributed to his evolution within the Team.

Q: Progress in the company - first position to that of Team Lead Pricing - OTR Division.

A: I arrived at Synergie without any experience in transport. So I had to learn the basics of the job by doing a little of everything to perfect my learning both practical and theoretical. I contributed to the development of the RD department and the Shows and Events component. I have held the position of Team Lead since July 2020.

Q: Role description: responsibilities, challenges.

A: I have to make sure that our team meets the needs of our customers. The historical situation we are experiencing in transport has its share of challenges. We need to communicate more with our customers and manage expectations while finding ways to still pull our needle out of the game.

Q: Tell us about the OTR transportation logistics in three words.

A: Transparency, rigor and empathy.

Q: Sum up Synergie, what the company means to you.

A: A booming family business that seeks to grow while being very concerned about the individuals who make it up.

Q: What you want to see for the future of Synergie, and for yours.

A: A beautiful constant growth based on the strengths of our organization and, especially by our human capital.