A Seamless Shipping Experience

Have you ever had to deal with recovering lost items in a port terminal? Have you ever mistakenly entrusted your merchandise with a fraudulent driver? Or have you ever forgotten the name of the company with whom you were dealing with on that specific morning?
Rest assured; you are not alone.  
To avoid any predicament regarding your shipments, here are four easy tips to follow to ensure you get a secure and optimal shipping experience. 

Never Let Your Merchandise Go Without a Pickup Reference Number
It is very important to never give away any of your merchandise without first confirming the pickup reference number with the driver. This applies to both courier and cargo services. 
This implies that the reference number must be systematically specified at the time of registration and collection. 
Ultimately, this step acts as a password as the reference number is only shared between the two parties involved in the transportation agreement. Therefore, if the driver does not have this number with them at the time of pick-up, they must contact the company they’re working for to request the reference number and share it with you before taking charge of the merchandise. This will ensure your merchandise is in good hands. 
If the driver does not have access to this reference number, it is probably because they have not been assigned to this contract. Therefore, it is safer not to entrust them with your merchandise. 

Make Sure Each Item is Identified with a Barcode
Courier service: it is essential to ensure that each individual item to be shipped is identified with a barcode label. 
These labels, issued by the mandated carrier, allow to easily track items and identify those that have been lost or misplaced while being sorted at the terminal. 

Always Fill out the Bill of Lading
Cargo service: it is essential to always fill out the bill of lading correctly. 
The full name of the driver in print, the time and date, and the name of the transportation company that made the pickup are essential information that acts as insurance.

Take the Necessary Precautions
For any merchandise that has a significant value (declared OR undeclared), or that could be easily sold on the black market, it is imperative to take extra precautions. 
Do not hesitate to ask the driver for a copy of their driver's license, to write down the vehicle's registration number and identification number in the case of a trailer or tractor. 

Applying these four tips will ensure you benefit from a seamless shipping experience.
Even if an unforeseen event is to happen, all the arrangements made beforehand will allow you to easily track down a lost item whether it was misplaced by accident or mischief. 
One last piece of advice: never fall for the rhetoric of a diver who doesn't have a reference number to share with you or who insists that there is no need to write down their registration. 
Stay safe, follow our advice, and everything will work out for the best.